The March 2014 issue of The APS Bulletin has been mailed to all current members. There has been an increase in both USA and foreign postage. USA postage increased from $.179 to $.191; Canadian postage increased from $1.25 to $1.65; and, All Other Countries from $1.51 to $2.20. It is still less expensive to use International Delivery Solutions for the foreign mail, but not as advantageous as it was with 2013 rates.


Canadian and All Other Countries members are encouraged to advise the editor concerning the date of delivery for their March issue of The Bulletin, so that the APS Board of Directors can better assess dues and benefits.


This year I allowed an extra two weeks (February 15, 2014) to sign up for membership, before the information for the 2014 Yearbook was published. In 2014 all members will receive their yearbook in a separate mailing that will be mailed later in March.


Articles with digital photos are needed for the June issue of The APS Bulletin — deadline April 15, 2014. Thank you!

Claudia Schroer, APS Editor

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